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The Boston Episode: Chapter 22

Copyright © 2016 -2017 X. R. Leblanc
All rights reserved.

Boston – Th Rooftop

“Hi, I am so happy to see you”, he said as he opened the door
“I am sorry to be late, but you know how she is. Always suspicious. She kept asking me where I was going. I finally told her that I was meeting a Jewish guy on a date. A guy my parents wanted to me”, Yulia replied.
“No worries.” he replied. After a second, he took her to close to him and hung her for a few seconds. “I have prepared a great dinner. Let me take your coat.
She walked in the one room and and saw flowers and candles on the dining table.
She looked at him.
“Yes, this is for you”, he told her
“Thank you. That is very sweet of you”.
“Well you know that I always liked you and I wanted to make this special. But enough about me. Tell about your trip to Croatia.”
“Ok, but I wanted to tell you.” she said and then stopped
“Tell me what.”
“You are very sweet. You are a great guy. I wanted to tell you everything.”
“Everything about Tatiana.”


“Dinner was great. Thank you for all of this. You are so nice.”
“For you, Yulia, anything. Let’s go sit down on the couch. Bring your glass. I will get the bottle.”
As they sat down, his phone buzzed.
“Again, another text! She cannot get enough. I should not have send her the picture of the setting of the table. She is probably jealous.”
Yulia said nothing.
He sat down. He looked at her. He got just a bit closer. She approached him just close enough. He kissed her.