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30 day countdown started August 21!

30 day count down

We expect the book to be available in EXACTLY 30 days!

When: September 21, 2014
What time: 4pm to 7pm
Where: Onegin Restaurant in NYC

My friend Oleksii is helping out to organize a great party at Onegin, one of the finest Russian restaurants in New York. Based on the literary works of Pushkin, Onegin’s interior design reflects Pushkin’s tale of Onegin. 

More Details to Come!

Russian Woman Trilogy – July Update

First July Updated

Comments from the editor:

“I really enjoyed this work. I think it was an ambitious undertaking to tell a story such as this”

“… the entirety of the work feel quite unique, and that interest in the characters helped pulled me through the work from start to finish.”

Final Synopsis:

Following a series of events, young Olga realizes that she will never be able to make her dream of wealth and fame come true while living in Russia. Not knowing what to expect, she leaves her native Siberia in pursuit of this dream and doesn’t look back. Although she is fully determined to make it big in New York, she confronts situations that will change her forever. These events challenge everything she holds dear. She makes impossible compromises in pursuit of an ever elusive dream.

This is a story of hope, aspiration, success, failure, deceit, and lies. It is a story like few others.


I have received the manuscript from the editing team… I finished my reviews of the comments and edits.  The final manuscript will be submitted over the week-end for final review (grammar, typos…).  This step will take about three weeks.  Once done, we will move to get the manuscript ready for print. So, we are looking at end of August for the publication.

Book cover is being finalized this week. I am very excited about the concept, which will be used for material related to the Trilogy.


New York: Please block off September 14, 2014… Details to come.

Boston: date to be set

Boston Edition:

I have started the second book of the trilogy, which takes place in Boston.

We pushed out the launch from October 9, 2014 to March 13, 2015.

We will be doing a photo shoot in August in Boston. The location of the shoot has been found.  We will be looking for model in the coming weeks. A young woman in her twenties, petite, tanned brunette…. Russian preferably, of course…  Volunteers welcomed!

Stay tuned,


The Russian Woman Trilogy – The NYC Episode

Privet Friends,
After multiple delays, it seems that we are now very close.  I expect to be able to give the actual publishing day in the next few weeks.  The book will be available on Amazon both in soft and e-copy.
I received today the book cover concept and I simply LOVE IT!  The graphic design team did a great job!  We will follow the same concept for the three books.
The fourth and final round of editing will be completed next week.  I will be reviewing the corrections and comments soon after receipt.  I expect to submit my comments by June 30.  The final steps should take another 4 weeks.
I will be launching my social media strategy very soon… Website, Facebook fan pages… You can follow me on Twitter, of course.
I expect to schedule the launch party in early September in New York.  I am working with my friend Oleski on this project.  I know that many of you are very anxious to meet some of the characters that inspired me… Of course, this is fictional novel… So, the usual disclaimer applies!  😉
One other news: I have started my second novel of the trilogy.  After visiting NYC in my first novel, I will take you to Boston… this is another Russian Story, of course. I am hoping to complete in time so we can launch on March 13, 2015.  The original launch date of October 9 seemed unrealistic!
Stay tuned,