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The Boston Episode: Chapter 22

Copyright © 2016 -2017 X. R. Leblanc
All rights reserved.

Boston – Th Rooftop

“Hi, I am so happy to see you”, he said as he opened the door
“I am sorry to be late, but you know how she is. Always suspicious. She kept asking me where I was going. I finally told her that I was meeting a Jewish guy on a date. A guy my parents wanted to me”, Yulia replied.
“No worries.” he replied. After a second, he took her to close to him and hung her for a few seconds. “I have prepared a great dinner. Let me take your coat.
She walked in the one room and and saw flowers and candles on the dining table.
She looked at him.
“Yes, this is for you”, he told her
“Thank you. That is very sweet of you”.
“Well you know that I always liked you and I wanted to make this special. But enough about me. Tell about your trip to Croatia.”
“Ok, but I wanted to tell you.” she said and then stopped
“Tell me what.”
“You are very sweet. You are a great guy. I wanted to tell you everything.”
“Everything about Tatiana.”


“Dinner was great. Thank you for all of this. You are so nice.”
“For you, Yulia, anything. Let’s go sit down on the couch. Bring your glass. I will get the bottle.”
As they sat down, his phone buzzed.
“Again, another text! She cannot get enough. I should not have send her the picture of the setting of the table. She is probably jealous.”
Yulia said nothing.
He sat down. He looked at her. He got just a bit closer. She approached him just close enough. He kissed her.


The Boston Episode: Chapter 2

Copyright © 2016 -2017 X. R. Leblanc
All rights reserved.

Moscow had benefited, for a rare occasion, from a relatively mild winter by Russian standards. The snow had disappeared by early March and an unseasonably warm spring was already settling in. The older generation had concocted some conspiracy theory accusing the Americans of manipulating the weather pattern for some obscure reasons. A few young intellectuals blamed global warming, a phenomenon that had become all the rage of western fringe environmentalists at the end of the century. Whatever the cause, no one in the capital really cared; it simply gave the populace an opportunity to escape a long winter and enjoy the warm spring sun.
Gorky Central Park, the largest park of the capital, was quickly transformed from a quiet cold white desert to a bustling city park. Signs of an early spring were everywhere: green shrubs had started coming out of the ground slowly transforming the landscape into a colorful green carpet. Trees had heard the calling of the warm weather as small buds came out of hibernation. Workers had abandoned their posts in mass on that Friday to take in the much wanted sun razes. Students came out in droves from the surrounding schools to hang out with their friends. Vendors rolled out their food carts in search of clients looking to satisfy their appetite. More ingenious individuals packed coolers with ice and sold soda bottles to the quench the thirst of the park visitors. Spring was here and the city was coming out of its winter doldrums.
Two teenage girls walked from school to the park to satisfy their craving for a cold threat: gelato. As they finished their ice cream, one the girls asked the other, in Russian: “Anna, so where is Oksana?”
“I don’t know Tatiana. She was at tennis practice. I think Valentin was stopping by to see her,” the young teenager replied, giggling.
“Valentin again,” Tatiana said, while just slightly elevating her voice, clearly annoyed, “Why does she want to see that boy all the time?”


The Boston Episode: Chapter 1

Copyright © 2016 -2017 X. R. Leblanc
All rights reserved.

Police Report
Detective McCarthy sat down at this desk. He put down his cup of coffee ready to start his day. The last few days had been busy it seems judging by the stack of police reports on his desk. He pulled the first report. He opened the manila folder and grabbed the incident report. He looked at the address of the event. “Rich people having marital problem, again,’ he thought. The detective read the report and put it down, shocked. He could not believe it. He called the other detective on duty.

“Joe, come heah. You’ve got to read this. In thiahty-two years on the job, I’ve neveah seen anything like this,” he said, in a heavy Boston accent, exchanging just about every ‘r’ for a ‘ah’ sound.
The other detective walked up to his desk, sat down, put his reading glasses on and read the report.
Boston Police – Incident Report
March 13, 2012
Complaint no. BOS032013257

He scanned the list of property, destroyed, damaged and vandalized. The list was long: Armani suits, designer dress shirts, Italian shoes, flat screen television, sound system, couch, chair… the list kept going on. This man had three thousand dollar suits, five hundred dollar shirts, five dollar socks and one thousand dollars shoes. He looked sadly at worn-out old suit jacket that he had bought a few years ago for two hundred dollars. He could not imagine how anyone could spend that amount of money of clothes. ‘This guy was filthy rich,’ he thought. The list totaled well over twenty-five thousand dollars. He read the narrative:
‘About 1835 hours on 03-13-2012, Officer Richard White responded to a radio call for domestic violence in progress on Boylston Street. Upon arrival Officer White spoke…


The report continued for another page. He finished. He took off his glasses: “Holly fuck! Pooah bastahd! What the fuck did he do to dahive heah cahazy like this?” Joe said, in a same heavy accent.
‘I don’t know. I’m calling him afteah the couaht date gets set. Should be done in a few days,” detective McCarthy replied.
“Look at heah name. Russian. And the age.”

The Boston Episode: Chapters

Copyright © 2016 -2017 X. R. Leblanc
All rights reserved.

Table of Content

1. Police Report
2. Moscow: the Nana Club
3. Uncle Yuri
4. Yulia
5. The purse
6. Daddy
7. Tyler
8. Facebook
9. Alexander
10. Sharing
11. Michael Armstrong
12. New Yrok
13. My policeman
14. Yulia, the policeman and me
15. I am a spy
16. The Frenchman
17. The Event
18. Michael
19. Croatia
20. Dubai
21. The closet
22. The rooftop
23. Chicago

Russian Woman: The Second Episode in Boston

Russian Woman
The Boston Episode


Copyright © 2016 -2017 X. R. Leblanc
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 069223439X
Library of Congress Control Number: XXXXX (If applicable)
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A Russian Woman Trilogy

Russian Woman: A Siberian in New York
Russian Woman: A [……..] in Boston

The Los Angeles episode, 2018

This is a work of fiction. Characters, places, or incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

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To my friend, Miri
For showing me the light 

The First Review on AMAZON

I didn’t know what to expect when I purchased this book. I admit, it took me a few days to steal away some time to dive into this story. Well, this past weekend was that time. I am in the middle of the book as of this writing. It’s hard to believe this is the author’s first novel!

Bravo X.R.Leblanc !

The story is an easy read, an interesting journey with the development of each character carefully crafted. The author is playful in his writing at times and yet very precise on details.

I swear this book reads like a Harold Robbins paperback! [Flashbacks of 79 Park Avenue]. The story is exciting, tantalizing, with the right amount of smut placed here and there. The author takes you to places around NYC, you never knew existed and hope one day to attend.

I can hardly wait for the next installment of The Russian Woman Trilogy, the Boston episode. I’m hooked.

Book Launch Party!


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We are reproducing the one of the scenes of the book by having a Masquerade Party!

Book Launch Party

Yes, of course! Meet the author at this book signing event. Some of the people that inspired characters in the book might be there, who knows?

Music, Champagne, Appetizers, Bottle Service and then, cash bar

Dress code: Dress up if you want, think classy but sexy… and bring a mask (this is optional of course)!

SettingPrivate room at Onegin

About Onegin: 

Located in the heart of New York`s Greenwich Village, Onegin has the finest Russian Fusion cuisine that Manhattan has to offer. Based on the literary works of Pushkin, Onegin`s interior design reflects Pushkin`s tale of Eugene Onegin, the restaurants` namesake



Good news! Bad News!

The Good News

I have received the edits from the editing team.  I have started reviewing the edit and hope to send back the FINAL manuscript to the publisher.

So, what is the bad news?

I have talked to the publisher and we are now looking at end of September, beginning of October for the book to be available on Amazon…

So, we will be pushing out the launch party to October.