The Boston Episode: Chapter 1

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Police Report
Detective McCarthy sat down at this desk. He put down his cup of coffee ready to start his day. The last few days had been busy it seems judging by the stack of police reports on his desk. He pulled the first report. He opened the manila folder and grabbed the incident report. He looked at the address of the event. “Rich people having marital problem, again,’ he thought. The detective read the report and put it down, shocked. He could not believe it. He called the other detective on duty.

“Joe, come heah. You’ve got to read this. In thiahty-two years on the job, I’ve neveah seen anything like this,” he said, in a heavy Boston accent, exchanging just about every ‘r’ for a ‘ah’ sound.
The other detective walked up to his desk, sat down, put his reading glasses on and read the report.
Boston Police – Incident Report
March 13, 2012
Complaint no. BOS032013257

He scanned the list of property, destroyed, damaged and vandalized. The list was long: Armani suits, designer dress shirts, Italian shoes, flat screen television, sound system, couch, chair… the list kept going on. This man had three thousand dollar suits, five hundred dollar shirts, five dollar socks and one thousand dollars shoes. He looked sadly at worn-out old suit jacket that he had bought a few years ago for two hundred dollars. He could not imagine how anyone could spend that amount of money of clothes. ‘This guy was filthy rich,’ he thought. The list totaled well over twenty-five thousand dollars. He read the narrative:
‘About 1835 hours on 03-13-2012, Officer Richard White responded to a radio call for domestic violence in progress on Boylston Street. Upon arrival Officer White spoke…


The report continued for another page. He finished. He took off his glasses: “Holly fuck! Pooah bastahd! What the fuck did he do to dahive heah cahazy like this?” Joe said, in a same heavy accent.
‘I don’t know. I’m calling him afteah the couaht date gets set. Should be done in a few days,” detective McCarthy replied.
“Look at heah name. Russian. And the age.”