Good news! Bad News!

The Good News

I have received the edits from the editing team.  I have started reviewing the edit and hope to send back the FINAL manuscript to the publisher.

So, what is the bad news?

I have talked to the publisher and we are now looking at end of September, beginning of October for the book to be available on Amazon…

So, we will be pushing out the launch party to October.



30 day countdown started August 21!

30 day count down

We expect the book to be available in EXACTLY 30 days!

When: September 21, 2014
What time: 4pm to 7pm
Where: Onegin Restaurant in NYC

My friend Oleksii is helping out to organize a great party at Onegin, one of the finest Russian restaurants in New York. Based on the literary works of Pushkin, Onegin’s interior design reflects Pushkin’s tale of Onegin. 

More Details to Come!