The Russian Woman Trilogy – The NYC Episode

Privet Friends,
After multiple delays, it seems that we are now very close.  I expect to be able to give the actual publishing day in the next few weeks.  The book will be available on Amazon both in soft and e-copy.
I received today the book cover concept and I simply LOVE IT!  The graphic design team did a great job!  We will follow the same concept for the three books.
The fourth and final round of editing will be completed next week.  I will be reviewing the corrections and comments soon after receipt.  I expect to submit my comments by June 30.  The final steps should take another 4 weeks.
I will be launching my social media strategy very soon… Website, Facebook fan pages… You can follow me on Twitter, of course.
I expect to schedule the launch party in early September in New York.  I am working with my friend Oleski on this project.  I know that many of you are very anxious to meet some of the characters that inspired me… Of course, this is fictional novel… So, the usual disclaimer applies!  😉
One other news: I have started my second novel of the trilogy.  After visiting NYC in my first novel, I will take you to Boston… this is another Russian Story, of course. I am hoping to complete in time so we can launch on March 13, 2015.  The original launch date of October 9 seemed unrealistic!
Stay tuned,


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